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Bound forever in ties of faith, hope and love…

Puthayath family meet 2020

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Puthayath Family Tree

Like a tree with strong roots stand tall, so is a man with strong background. The knowledge about his ancestors brings in an identity and boosts the self-esteem and morale of an individual. It helps him to embrace his core values and ethics and be a better person in his family and society.

During AD 1800-1850, from the Periyappuram family, located at Vaniyamkulam, Palakkad District, 3 brothers came to Airapuram. The elder one was named Varkey. The brothers relocated at Kunnakurudy near Airapuram. The second brother went back to his ancestral place after a few years. Following Coonan Cross Oath, his future generation got divided into Jacobite and Catholic factions. They settled at Piravom, Adimali, Periyappuram and Chelad areas.

The two brothers settled at Kunnakurudy, came to be known in the family name Puthayath. The name came either because of new people settling down or may be because they bought Puthayath plot.



The future generations of eldest brother, Varkey, who settled at Kunnakurudy is presently found in Kunnakurudy, Rajakumari, Wayanad, Chelad, Adimali and Thrissur areas. Varkey’s younger brothers future generations settled at Kavalangad, Kothamangalam, Mulavoor and Neriamangalam areas.

Puthayath family at present is spread across nearly 240 homes, with 1420+ members and boasts of an ancestral history of nearly 4 centuries.